07 Dic “Fishes”: The joy of fish art

Tradition and Modernity, East and West: The synthesis of these two extremes led to the creation of the “Fishes” collection.

These small, joyful and essential works of art animated with fresh and bright colours are the result of an adaptation of traditional Japanese ceramics made with sensitivity by a Sicilian artist using volcanic and multifaceted creativity in tune with the Zen spirit that celebrates the balance present in natural elements and the beauty found in simple and basic shapes.

In the traditional Japanese process, the artefact is removed from the hot oven and allowed to cool in the open air or in a container filled with combustible material.

The term raku literally means happiness, joy, and inner wellbeing. The enamels, craquelé, metallic iridescence, and individuality of the baking process make it an exciting technique that is a radical change from the classic ceramic method. Each artefact is unique and unrepeatable, with an individual and precious character.

Spillo, Elio, Celestino, Frik and many other fish await you at Expertise to be chosen and recreated in your own ideal and unique home aquarium.