the name

When we had to choose the name, we tried to combine the words “Antiquity” and “Antiques”
with every kind of object from the past (inkstand, caramogio, etc…)
or with every character from history or mythology (Dionysus, Hermes, etc…),
without however being satisfied.

These solutions sounded too ancient, too dusty,
compared to the concept we were developing.
What we actually wanted from our name was a non-definition;
a name that would not specify the centuries involved,
something that would not suggest the chosen categories of merchandise.
Because our activity, the shop hosting it, and the taste that guides it,
shall be perceived as ever-changing and evolving elements…

And since every object, almost every painting proposed, is signed or clearly ascribable
to an exact historic-artistic moment,
Expertise takes on a concept of precision.
For every object we offer, we guarantee originality, we always provide exhaustive documents,
we perform a correct analysis of our items’ state of conservation,
and, when applicable, we supply any relevant publication.

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